Green Tea, More than just a drink…

So I have heard drinking Green Tea has benefits to your health, but let’s face it, I’ve never really known what those benefits were and as I live in the south…I wasn’t much for “Green Tea” as I preferred “SWEET TEA”

So the Genghis Grill Health Kwest Krew decides to issue a blog challenge today to “Write about the health benefits of drinking green tea and include a picture of the drinks if you can”

Let’s do 1 thing at a time…Now available at Genghis Grill


So that other part about the health benefits of Green Tea….It does a bunch of really cool things to the body! Green Tea contains Antioxidants; if you are like me and again, never really knew what “Antioxidants were, here ya go — chemicals that block the activity of other chemicals known as free radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive and have the potential to cause damage to cells, including damage that may lead to cancer.

Green Tea also helps improve brain function (I should have started drinking Green Tea in 4th grade) assists in fat loss (I should have started drinking Green Tea in 4th grade) improves dental health (Ok, so I’m pretty good there)

Green Tea also lowers your risk of Cancer, Type II Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, and stroke.

Green Tea really is like the miracle drink, and it doesn’t taste to bad either…Plus it comes in 3 flavors at GG! So next time you are looking for something to drink, give Green Tea a chance. It might just prevent something a little down the road.


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Social Challenge – Stress can be Stressful, How I recognize and handle my stress

Just a quick blog for my daily social challenge talking about stress and dealing with stress with $10,000 on the line…

Stress is what you make of it! The stress of picking out what you are going to wear every day. The stress of getting to work on time. The stress of paying your bills. The stress of changing your current lifestyle into a healthy one. How the stress effects an individual is different from person to person as is the way people handle their daily stresses; but not all stress is bad stress. While stress can be put on us by others, we create stress on ourselves to handle situations.

Daddy, husband, Red Sox fan, program director // radio personality, and Health Kwest participant are just a few of my titles, each with stress; some have a positive effect, some a negative. The stress of being a dad is that of trying to show my son the right way of doing things. Leading by example and being a positive role model can be tough at times, but the payoff is seeing my son grow into a smart respectable individual. As a husband, the “stress” loving, supporting, and being at the side of my wife no matter what. Like I said before, not all stress is bad stress. As a Red Sox fan however, it’s a whirlwind of both positive and negative stress. During the good years, it’s the stress of dealing out the heckling to Yankee fans and Rays fans…during the bad years, it’s the stress of taking all the heat from Yankee fans and Rays fans. Then there is work stress; deadlines, accommodations, workloads, etc. Some days can be more stressful than others, and I tend to put more stressors on myself as I strive to be the best. I control the stress in my workplace with organization and knowing that going all in will help me get to the top and win.

I put all these stressors into participating in the 2015 Genghis Grill Health Kwest. I am setting the example of eating right, working out, spending time with my family, having some fun with other HK participants exchanging banter, and making sure I am doing everything I can to be the best participant, not just this year, but EVER in the Genghis Grill Health Kwest.

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Eat Healthy, Get Active!

It’s AMAZING how changing the way an individual eats can make them feel, look, and even act. My doctor has always been one of the biggest hecklers of my size. “You are way to big, you don’t eat healthy, and you are not anywhere close to active enough” are the phrases I hear whenever I go to see her. So when I went in to say “heeeeeey…I am doing this thing called Health Kwest…” I got the you’ve got to be kidding me look. I’ve been trying to send you on a Kwest for Health for YEARS!

I asked her what I needed to do to make this a successful journey; not just to try and win the money…but win myself back from the rival that has owned me for years. She simply said it starts with what you eat. Stop snacking on crap, stop consuming empty calories, and get up and go!

Let’s face it, I’m not strapping on a helmet and jumping on the field to partake in spring practice with the Florida State Seminoles anytime soon, however getting back into shape will be a long ride but good trip. My doctor told me eat right! Veggies, lean meats like chicken, some lean beef, even fish like salmon would be great for me because it is high in protein, but don’t load up because I said eat it. Moderation is something else you must learn and embrace! Feeling hungry is a mental thought. A couple of eggs for breakfast fills part of a void, and a bottle of water several times a day keeps that early morning hunger at bay. She also told me when you make your bowl at Genghis Grill as part of the health kwest, get meat, within reason, grab a bunch of veggies, and keep drinking water! This hit me recently as I went to GG for lunch with a group of people and they all got large bowls while I got my regular bowl. People that are TINY in comparison to me looked at my bowl and looked at their bowl and said why? How? That will never be enough to fill you up. But it does! I’m not trying to “fill up” I’m trying to fill a void!

The same goes for my evening meal. We’ve heard it all our lives, don’t eat late, it sits on your stomach, you won’t metabolize, yack, yack, yack, yack, yack…But it makes sense! We try to eat dinner at a minimum of 3 hours before we go to bed, and the secret is to be a little more active following your meal to help your body process and consume what you just ate. While you are active, your metabolism is working. So a little stroll around the neighborhood following dinner is all it takes.

My doctor told me at this point in my current health, there is no doubt in my mind I can lift a house and knock over a building; I am expected to do that at my size and as a former athlete. But can I make it from point A to point B without getting winded? Walk, Walk, and walk. She told me my body will tell me if I have done enough, when I can’t do anymore, then I’ve done enough. But make sure my body tells me that and not my mind. The brain will play tricks with you. I was instructed to set my FitBit daily goal to 10,000 steps. Get to that goal and keep going. Watch what I eat. Stop snacking on crap, stop consuming empty calories, and get up and go!

We all have hero’s, both fiction and non-fiction. Personal hero’s, professional hero’s…we all have someone that we look up to. I have several in various areas of my life. Individuals I look up to and strive to model myself after in the professional world, as a husband, and most importantly as a father.

My hero is my son. To many, they would look at Carson and see a typical, healthy, happy 4 year old. I see my son, and hope to be the best dad he could ask for. He looks up to me so I have to set the example. He makes me a better person without even knowing it.Carson

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Health Kwest – Week 2 Recap

So here we are, Health Kwest, Day 15! Officially 25% DONE with the challenge. Still feeling good about the contest. Have not missed a day at GG yet and all my social media challenges have been completed so far.

This past week, we had another series of things to do. On Sunday (02/15) I had to Grill my own bowl and take a photo of me grilling my bowl and post on Instagram!

Grill Bowl

For Monday, as February is Hearth Healthy Month, I had to build a heart healthy bowl from the recipes given to me; Take a photo & post it on Twitter

Heart Healthy Bowl

Tuesday, I was to visit the GG Facebook Page & answer the question that was posted. “Name 3 ingredients from our Fresh Market Bar that are high in Vitamin C” This took a little research and I found out a lot of food items have more vitamin C than I expected! A couple of ingredients full of Vitamin C and are available DAILY at the Genghis Grill Fresh Market Bar include mandarin oranges, green peppers, and dark leafy greens like spinach…and they ALL rock in my #HealthKwest bowl!

Wednesday was another picture day, Coke has partnered up with Health Kwest! I got to enjoy my Dasani Water Bottle! Post a photo on Twitter with wearing my GG sweatband and drinking Dasani. Carson got in on the action to as we were staying hydrated!

Drink Water

Thursday, I had to do a little writing! List out MY favorite veggies I like to get in my bowl at GG and explain the health
benefits for each veggie in my blog. You can check that out HERE

Friday, it was cold, but nothing a brisk walk couldn’t take care of! The challenge read “Walking is good losing those pounds. Post a photo on your Instagram of you taking a brisk walk wearing your GG sweatband” so Carson and I leashed up the dog and headed out into the cold…


Saturday was another trivia day. Visit the GG Facebook Page & answer the question “What is one health benefit of Green Tea” I didn’t follow instructions exactly because Green Tea is actually really good for you! Green tea was used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine to control bleeding and heal wounds, aid digestion, improve heart and mental health and regulate body temperature.
Recent studies have shown green tea can potentially have positive effects on everything from weight loss to liver disorders to type 2 diabetes among other things!

Sunday was a BIG day in the Health Kwest. DANCE VIDEO DAY! I had a bunch of people jump on board to be in my video and Scott did an awesome job producing the video for me. You can watch the AWESOME video HERE

Week 3 has Facebook check in’s, special item samplings, and a very special 1 on 1 as part of the social media challenge; stay tuned!


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Veggies? We need our stinkin veggies!

#HealthKwest, Day 10

Things are GOOD!

I told myself when I started this, I didnt want to jump on the scale between “OFFICIAL WEIGH INS” but I broke down this morning and was feeling really good about my progress thus far. Weight is dropping nicely, and I am noticing my clothes are fitting better! My belt is looser, my shirts are baggier, I can tell I am shrinking along the way.

A big part of Health Kwest is also eating right, which I am able to do at Genghis Grill with a HUGE selection of lean meats and healthy veggies! I have noticed many of my bowls consist of Chicken or steak and scallops or even shrimp; all very high in protein and low in fat.

The veggies are just an added bonus and as I learn more about what I am eating I am surprised at how good some of them really are for me. We all hear the line “Eat your vegetables…they are good for you…” But what does it really mean?

I have found I gravitate to adding a lot of onions, green peppers, red peppers, carrots, green beans, and garlic to my bowls…but what makes them so much better for me?

Onions will actually help in a number of ways! Phytochemicals help your body absorb vitamin C and help you improve your immune system in a big way. They also help your body regulate blood sugar which is helping you fight diabetes!

Green and red peppers not only taste great but are loaded with vitamin C. So those peppers I am taking in, paired with the onion to work the C intake are a winning combination.

Carrots have always been popular in my family. They were my papa’s favorite, but they usually had some butter in them after they were steamed which was awesome, but I am learning later in life carrots taste pretty good even without the added butter in my bowl. Carrots have a good deal of Vitamin A which help growth and development, improve the immune system, and help vision.

Green Beans have a BUNCH of health benefits too including fertility, depression, and bone health. According to Medical News Today, meeting your daily folate needs help with depression by fighting homocysteine which can interfere with feel-good hormones serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, which regulate mood, sleep and even appetite.

And Garlic! Garlic is AWSOME! I LOVE GARLIC! 1 ounce of garlic is loaded with Manganese, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and even has a touch of Fiber! Garlic combats sickness, reduces blood pressure, improves cholesterol which may lower the risk of Heart Disease (Heart Health Month is February) improving bone health, and garlic also can help detoxify heavy metals in the body. So why not eat garlic? It also keeps vampires away…

So we are 10 days into Health Kwest and I can promise you those veggies will continue to be a big part of my daily bowls!


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What I’ve done…What I’m doing…

So here it is Valentine’s day, a day where my wife and I break into chocolates and steaks and potatoes, and cheesecake…not this year!

Health Kwest has helped us adjust a little bit to our Valentine’s day plans, and we’ll need to keep an eye on this because it just so happens today is a Saturday, and we are going to a wedding this evening. The food I select is just kind of given to me.

I feel like things are going well so far. I’ve been making my daily trip to Genghis Grill and have completed all my social challenges so far. Today’s social challenge is to do this blog and write about 3 of my goals during Health Kwest. The hardest part of this challenge is to just select 3! Going into this, I had my mind made up that I was NOT going to miss a single day eating at GG, I was not going to miss a single social challenge because I don’t want to miss the points. Paul, the manager at my Genghis told me a few years ago, the guy who was on the health Kwest had it won…but he missed ONE social challenge and placed 2nd. That CAN NOT happen to me! Because the other goals I have are to win health kwest, loose weight, complete a 5k run, and just be a healthier person overall! I want to thin up and not be the BIG DUDE.

So all that said, my TOP 3 goals for the 2015 Health Kwest are:

(David Letterman TOP 3 drum roll PLEASE)

#3 – Complete every single Health Kwest social challenge along the way and have them be some of the more creative ones out of the contestants

#2 – Participate in and complete the 5K Adventure Series Mud & Poker run March 21st at Mahan Farm

And my NUMBER 1 GOAL IN THE 2015 Genghis Grill Health Kwest…

Win the whole damn thang with a $10,000 check made out to ME!

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The Kwest for Health is underway

So here it is, February 9th, 2015; Day 1 of the Genghis Grill 2015 Health Kwest.

What a day it was! After what seemed like endless e-mails, phone calls, and a scavenger hunt to figure out how to get myself in position to contend in the competition, I am ready to go!

This morning, I went to see my doctor for the official weigh in, but my doctor felt that I do not visit her enough so she was going to take FULL advantage of my need to weigh in and sign a piece of paper. Guess I can’t really complain because I am going to have all this stuff on file to see how far I have come in 30 and 60 days from today (An EKG, blood work, urine sample, and I’m getting scheduled for a stress test in the near future) As the title says, it’s a Kwest for health.

I have laid out goals I want to hit along the way to show progress and just say I did them. I’m going to do a series of pictures tomorrow, and do the same set of pictures on days 15, 30, 45, and 60. I will also have measurements done so I can see and track the inches that will disappear. I need to be ABSOLUTELY on top of tracking everything I consume on MFP (My Fitness Pal) which is a GREAT app to use in a project like this. If you are on MFP, click HERE and add me as a friend!

There are a few other things I am going to do along the way. Some I am thinking about, some I have decided, some I am sure I will come across and think I HAVE TO DO THAT!!!!! The first one on my list of things I WILL be doing is the 5K Adventure Series Mud and Poker Run in Tallahassee on March 21st. This will be just over the halfway mark in the Health Kwest and who doesn’t like to play in the mud? I’ll be on the lookout for some other things to add to my list over the next several weeks.

So the first challenge for the Health Kwest was a simple one, I had to go to Genghis Grill’s Facebook page & comment on the status about why you’re excited to be part of Health Kwest. Done and done!

So if you are keeping score at home, papers are in, weigh in complete, first social media challenge finished, now I need to go claim the first of 60 free bowls from Genghis Grill. My plan tonight was something I have never done at GG. I always go in, load up on veggies FIRST, those compact better, then I fill my bowl with meat because the meat will stick together better and I can really stack it up. But besides that, I always just have a free for all with my bowl, ya know…Pick what I want and get AS MUCH AS I CAN! Not tonight I tell ya, I went to the wall and picked out a recipe for a signature bowl. Tonight’s selection, Recipe 5 – the Firecracker Bowl with brown rice. The hat may have caught me off guard, but was a good burn.

Next up, gym shopping Tuesday. I need to find someplace I can find and make my HOME for the duration of the Health Kwest. Eating won’t make the weight come off alone. Tomorrow’s challenge is also to take a picture with the GG crew, and I might just try another Signature Recipe off the wall too…


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