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After the “Kwest” – Getting Back on Track

Health Kwest has come and gone, and my wallet is NOT $10,000 heavier. I ended up dropping a total of 43 pounds the healthy way over 60 days. I was doing really well following my plan of eating a healthy breakfast within 45 minutes of waking up to get my metabolism going and making sure I was eating something like an apple, protein bar or shake 3-4 hours after that, then lunch which was usually my daily bowl, then another high protein snack, and dinner; I was averaging 1700 calories a day. I also joined Planet Fitness┬áduring my “Kwest” and rediscovered the joy of lifting and working out. It is something I did on a regular basis years ago and plan to again make it part of my routine.

The guy who won, claims a total weight loss of 86 pounds, making up 29% of his body weight. He says this was accomplished by sticking to a very strict 700 calorie, low to no carb diet, and running 8-10 miles a day…That alone has more red flags than a Florida beach ahead of a strong hurricane.

Since the contest ended, I fell into a slump. I haven’t been eating as healthy as I was and my visits to the gym have significantly dropped off. Today, I am starting everything back again, tracking food, eating healthy, watching my daily steps, and hitting the gym. Not winning the 10K sucks,┬ábut I have seen what a little hard work and accountability with what I eat and what I weigh can do. Time to saddle up and keep my personal “Kwest” going.

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