Quick Workout Tips and Health Kwest Update

14 Mar

First off, we just hit the halfway point in the 2015 Health Kwest. This contest is FLYING! We had OFFICIAL weigh in’s on Thursday, March 12 and that was quite the event for me. I have to go to my regular doctor to weigh in and have them fill out the official forms to be sent in. All week long I have been SUPER good in an effort to get the extra weight off for this weigh in. I had an 8:15 appointment and did all the things I have NOT been doing on a regular basis before the weigh in. No breakfast, no drinking, nothing…on the scale, it worked out! in the first 32 days of Health Kwest, I am down 33 POUNDS!!! That’s an average of 1.03 lbs lost a day! Hey, awesome, go me. I have mixed emotions about this. I am doing this mainly because I have to for me. I was at an unhealthy size and things had to change; for me and my family. But there is also that part of me, deep down that is saying “DUDE, this is a contest and first place is TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS” 2nd half has got to get real to get that prize.

So as I gear up for the 2nd half of Health Kwest, I got myself a sponsor! I have partnered with Planet Fitness and THEY ARE AWESOME! I have been a member of other clubs here in Tallahassee, and had some good experiences as well as some very negative ones. I SWEAR, my last “GYM” experience was JUST LIKE one of the planet fitness commercials,

But really, PF is really cool, they have the Capital Circle location at Apalachee Parkway and a 2nd location will be opening in the next few weeks on North Monroe in the old Albertson’s building. They have all the machines you could ask for, trainers on staff that is INCLUDED with your membership, so if ya wanna use them great…if not, just do your thing and that’s cool too. I really have rediscovered my love for the gym. I love lifting weights, I love sweating, and I REALLY love loosing weight.

So today’s actual social media task is to blog a short and quick cardio workout that could be useful to someone that is always on the go. I am one of those people always on the go, but I make time to get in the gym. I am sure there will be some days where it won’t be possible, but things can be done to get a little extra something in. Planet fitness has a couple neat areas in their facility for people on the go. If you can spare 30 minutes, they have a 30-MINUTE EXPRESS CIRCUIT. The PF 30-Minute Express Circuit combines 10 strength machines and 10 cardio-step stations. You can start anywhere in the circuit, but must go in sequence. The circuit operates on a green light/red light system. When the light turns green, you begin exercising. After 60 seconds, the red light goes on, which means stop and switch to the next station. At the end of 30 minutes, you will have completed the circuit and received a full-body workout! They also have a 12-MINUTE ABS CIRCUIT. It. Takes. 12. Minutes.

Ok, so you really don’t have time to get in the gym, but still gotta get something going. Park your car further away and get those extra steps in. Walk from your car, or point to point at a more brisk pace. One thing I have always done is when standing still, do some calf raises. Go up to your tip toes, hold it for 3 seconds and come back down. Have a little space, hop down on the ground and do some pushups. Body squats, lunges, and vertical jumps are also a few things that can be done with nothing more than your body to get a little cardio in on a tight schedule.

As always, thanks for reading! Like and comments are always appreciated. You can follow my Health Kwest journey on:

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One response to “Quick Workout Tips and Health Kwest Update

  1. Paula Kiger (Big Green Pen)

    March 21, 2015 at 5:25 pm

    This will be such a GREAT addition to your #HealthKwest (and beyond) plan! Good going!



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